Monday, July 16, 2007

Return of the Kettlebell Snatch

I have neglected this exercise for months; random use of this mode. The kettlebell snatch is a brutal and elegant exercise that is one of the staples of kettlebell lifting. It is one of the 2 events in Kettlebell Sport. Done often, it will increase strength, improve VO2 max and shed fat. Brutal? Yes! HMMM, anything that is of benefit is not exactly fun.

I began today's workout with fear. I respect the kettlebell! Simple do 30 sec on and 30 sec off switch hands each set. The plan do this until 8 - 10 sets each arm. I used a light weight of 16K today as I want to work up to the big weight. There is alwyas room for training tomorrow!

Once I started, I got into a zone. I have to admit this was fun. I really didn't feel tired until about 10 minutes after I was done. My forearms throb, my legs are fatigued and I feel it deep in my abs. Oh yea, my hands are a little tender!

Today also marks the first day of a new training schedule. I am now training solo as the two comrades I have trained with in the past have moved on to new locations. So, Don, it was fun and I am sure we will train together again! Dan - is there one more session of pain left before you leave? If not, that is fine, fair winds and following seas!

Pull up + handstand - 5x5
Snatch - 16K 30 sec on, 30 sec rest x 10 sets (about 10- 12 reps each)(~200 reps)

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