Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Why do we suffer and come back for more?

This is a late entry from Tuesday...

During my ride home yesterday, I thought about the high number of DNFs in this years running of Paris - Brest - Paris (PBP). Around 30% of this years participants did not finish within the alloted time. PBP is a ride any mortal cyclist may choose to participate in. It is done every 4 years.

There are a few stipulations to qualifying for PBP. You cannot be a professional rider. You can belong to a club but no pros. This is good because it is a real event for real people. Of course, participants need to have physical stamina and mental resolve. To prove you have what it takes all you have to do is complete a series of 4 brevets of 200K, 300K, 400K and 600K. No problem if you have the right stuff.

So why choose to do this event if anyone can do it? Because it is very challenging. Most average people don't choose to do anything challenging during their entire lifetime. This is too bad. I believe you have to know yourself. You have to push yourself physically and mentally for self improvement. Sure you can tell the waitress that your food sucks but can you honestly overcome your own mind? I honestly believe anyone can do anything they want to do. The trick is overcoming yourself. Oh, if you fail, keep trying! Get off the couch.

Swing: 24K 2x50
Clean and Press: 24K 5x123 ladders
Circuit of front squat + pullup + evil wheel: 5x5 The wheel hurts!
Ride AM: 15 miles .. this was very quick.
Ride PM: 15 miles.. much slower.

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