Thursday, June 7, 2007


Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness...

YUP...That is what I got going on today. Actually not too bad until I sit on my butt too long. Then I have to get warmed up all over again.

I have also began cleaning up my diet a little more. Hopefully fire up the furnace to drop some more fat. I don't normally worry about losing weight as long as the bf% keeps dropping. I will mention that all of the carb loading in the past month has caused some added weight. It isn't on the waist...good thing! I guess it isn't too bad then. Right?

Workout: - difficult, still tired. Sucked it up and did it any way.
Pullup - 5x5
Handstand push up - 5x1
Swing #70: 1x20, 3x10/10, 2x10

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