Sunday, March 1, 2009

more Issues discovered

During today's practice, I once again used video analysis between sets. Arrrghhh, more problems. During my 5min RKC snatch practice, I noticed that my right arm is NOT locked out in the overhead position. Did I mention that this was a problem in the get up yesterday?

This shows how bad habits are not isolated to individual problems. Work on the little, 'simple' things. Perfect them and find that more complicated or heavier activities are simplified. Not to mention you reduce the chance for injury.

This relates to music as well. When a (music) student comes asks me to listen to their scales or solo it is always evident who practices perfectly and uses a metronome to keep tempo. Students that don't use these tools or don't pay attention to what they are playing ALWAYS speed up and slow down. Mashing the 'buttons' (valves or keys) is akin to throwing weights around without attention to detail.

In my own music practice, I find it necessary to practice a scale or exercise at a slow precise tempo. When it is perfect slow, I speed it up, practice and so on until I can do it faster than required. It takes discipline and time.

The same care should be take in exerciese. You will find tales in this blog of people that just don't get it. They throw weight around in a very small range of motion that is more than not the wrong groove. I guess it is part ignorance, part naiveity or part complacency; or a combination of all. I think everyone needs some instruction at some point and periodically. A coach or instructor will let you know where you are going wrong and how to fix.

How often should I have a coach? That depends on your goals and how much money you have to spend. When you are sick you visit the doc for a chunk of money. Why don't we take this much care and prevent the visit? That money can be spent on a good trainer/coach (like me).

Last year, I worked with a coach 6-7 times both face to face and via video. I would recommend weekly or monthly contact with a trainer at the minimum but if you don't have the dollars, I guess a few times a year is better than never.

Prep work
Z - nwu
BRETZEL - feels good.

Swing: 1x100
TGU:2x5/5 (worked the hip extention)
Goblet squat: 6x5 (32k)
Snatch 5 min - 82 - didn't try to push anything just 8/8 on the minute. Hmmm, I guess I should have done a couple more to reach my didn't register until just now. I need 1.4 reps.
Snatch practice 3x5/5 + Pullup 3x5

More snatch thoughts:
I haven't worked on these for 2-3 weeks for some reason. My groove was off in several ways. Need practice to the groove back.

Trainer 4min/3min x 5

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