Thursday, March 26, 2009

What do you suck at?

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I read Kenneth Jay's new book, Viking Warrior Conditioning. It explains the MVO2 workout protocols. If you haven't done the MVO2 max workouts, you are missing out. I plan to cycle through the protocols again later in the spring. First things first!

Today I realized that it is time to kick the complex up a notch. Here are a couple thoughts.

1. Keep the complexes the same and decrease rest time.
2. Add more sets (take longer)
3. Do both. (won't take quite as long)
4. The other option is to complete with 24k kettlebells.

Opt 4. Will probably be the most beneficial for power development and muscular endurance. Who am I kidding, I shouldn't be using 16k 'bells for this. I haven't messed with snatching 2x24k for nearly a year and if I remember correctly, I stopped because form was not adequate.

So, a combination of all of the above may be in store. How? Alternate high volume lighter weight days with low volume heavier days. Sounds simple enough right? Keep reading, you will be the first to know.

Today's Reward:
Pull up 87665
Complex deux -16kx2 6sets x 5.snatch,front squat, clean and press, row.
The first set felt terrible and the other sets were good to go! I feel like I have the perfect groove in the snatch right now. I can't wait to test my hip power in a snatch test in the near future.

10 x 30sec on / 2:30 rest alternated standing sprint with seated. Using 52x12.
MXHR - 166. I only reached this on the 9th interval. I just reviewed my training files on the HRM. It has been more than a month since my HR was elevated more than the 160s (that I've recorded).

Huge improvement this year of course there are too many variables that affect HR so it is not the best tool to measure fitness but it is an indicator. Indications are looking good. Real world tests are on the way. CFT on Monday (this will be my baseline), 200k next Sat. The PFT is in about 3 weeks as well. I should throw in a snatch test in the near future. It is a good indicator of strength endurance and there aren't many variables to skew data.

Analyzing the results of the above tests will tell me alot. Simply, it will show me a picture of what I suck at.

Like I tell my Marines every day, find the thing you suck at and practice that. If this is the ONLY thing you do, you can't help it you will improve. -- Freaking Amazing!

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