Thursday, March 12, 2009

Here comes the rain

Just like the song, here comes the rain again...I'm bracing for 4-5 days of rain. That means I have to ride indoor on the trainer. This also means I will get some good quality KB practice because I wont be sitting on my bicycle for 4-8 hours at any point during the weekend. Of course I could get cabin fever and go ride in the rain and cold. I'm not opposed to the thought but...I will save it for a day when I 'have' to tough it out.

Today's training and practice:
BRETZEL- These are coming along. TSpine flexibility is nearly full ROM.
ASLR, TGU #3, bow

Front Squat - 106# 8x5 + pull up 1x10, 7x5
Wheel Roll outs - 3x5 + pull up 3x5
Swing 32k 3x30 --
Ride on trainer - standing 8x20/10

Then I ate!!!!! YUM.

Clean and press 32k 4 x 1,12 ladders + pull up 12k 4x4
(failed on fourth press set. Next time I will save the pull ups until later.)
Snatch - 24k - 94 reps (about 4:30) - need to keep this exercise regular.
I used all the time I had - busy schedule, Need more time on a heavy day.

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