Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Training -- the past week

Something to think about....

Last summer I switched multi vitamin brands because the GNC brand was giving me a huge head ache. About 3 - 4 weeks ago, I ran out of the new multi vitamin and didn't make it to the store to purchase more. After a week, I read Georgie's nurtition blog she was talking about vitamins and the bodies needs. Her post reinforced my thought of just stopping the vitamins all together.

So, after a month, I feel NO difference. In fact my strength and endurance performance has improved. Recovery? No difference. Verdict? No more multi vitamins. I'll keep the cash for something that tastes than a vitamin.

ALL of our daily requirements are available by eating real food. A recent study (see G's blog) has shown that the health benefits from taking suplements are not the same as eating grub. Meaning Popeye was on to something; you receive MORE benefit from eating the real deal.

Worried about not getting enough of each nutrient? More than likely you don't eat enough veggies, add an extra helping at night. Here's what I do:
  • Since last fall, I've been eating 3 - 4 large bags of spinach each week. Sometimes it is salad form and others it is steamed with a little lemon and paprika or both the salad and steamed. In addition, I always fill 1/2 my plate with another veggie.

I'm posting a quick update of my training.

Ride 20

Ride 15
Z cooldown

Monday (rest)
Z work
TGU Prep stuff
Swings 1x100

did some stick work on right quad - had a charlie horse ALL day.

Prepwork-ASLR - Bretzel Step 4 TGU
Front Squat 24(2) 8x5
Clean and Press - 24k 8x1234 + Pull up 8kx4
Swing 40k 5x25

PM -
Ride - 8x20/10 - STANDING

Ride 45 miles - (ZOOOOOM - rode with the racers)

Walk - 4 miles

Z work
TGU prep - ASLR - Bretzel

TGU Prep
TGU 24k 5x5
Ride: 8x20/10

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