Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Check it out

I just stumbled upon this post while surfing the Modern Forager blog. It is titled 'Don't be this Guy/Gal...' The author describes several types of gym-goer.
  • The Wanderer, The Super Strong Guy who Doesn’t Re-rack the Weights, The 1/4 Heavy Squat Guy, The ELS Person, The Grunter/Screamer, The Bluetooth Person, The No-Wiper, The “Off-Duty” Trainer, The Cologne/Perfume Person, The Functional Training Catalog Trainer, The Cutoff Guy, The Leaner
Frankly I think this is brilliant and it is the reason I haven't stepped into the base gym since July.

Step 4 TGU

Clean and press 24k - 8x1,2 ladders + pull up bw+4k x 3
Goblet squat - 40k 5x5 + Swing 40k 5x20

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