Monday, March 30, 2009

CFT -- Slayed

I hit the ZNWU before I walked to the track for the Combat Fitness Test (CFT) the Corps' new physical fitness test. The CFT does not replace the physical fitness test it is a different test; testing totally different energy systems (anaerobic).

The test begins with a 880 yard run for time (in boots and utes) simulating moving to engagement. The second event is the 2 minute #35 ammo can lift simulating a resupply. The finish is called the maneuver under fire (MANUF). The MANUF is the combination of sprinting, crawling, more sprinting, casulty drag, firemans cary, ammo can (x2) run, a gernade toss and more ammo can running.

Is the test hard? Well, it isn't easy. It is just a different level of suck; then it is done. Actually the test is fun and I would rather do this than run 3 miles any day.

Run - 880 - 3:20 - this is actually my fastest far. It is also the first time my left lumbar didn't ache for 600 yd. GO Z!

Ammo Can - I hit the minimum (40) in about 40 seconds and then stopped. This time, the test is pass fail (will change in the fall) and I didn't see the incentive to go on. Well, I started pressing again at 1 minute and matched my partner at 80 reps. I can do 100 easy, if needed.

MANUF - Hard to describe this event. I basically tried to relax and keep a steady pace for the entire event. Pushing too hard at any point results in quickly reaching MHR. It would be interesting to wear the HRM for this! Perhaps I will do in practice later down the road. Time: 3:03 with a miss (missed the target on the gernade toss by a few inches).

1. Improvement will be easy in all 3 events. I won't speculate on my goal numbers yet. I have an idea of what is achievable but will wait for the announcement of scoring zones.

2. The ZNWU and R Phase drills done between events were a life saver! Perhaps I should start some I phase one of these days.

Pull ups 98765

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