Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rest day

After a couple days of intense activity, I'm resting.

Yesterday, I completed the Morrisville 200k @ 10h, just under 9h on the bike. This is a good start to the season. A complete write up is available here. I spent 2 hrs with severe stomach pain, only able to muster 10, 13 mph. I'm still not sure of the cause but I will test a few hypothesis before the 300k in a 3 weeks. The pain left after a stop at a porta-jon on the side of the road.

Thursday evening, I went to Karen Smith's new kettlebell gym in VB. I was roped into a workout. I had a blast with the circuit. This is a cool facility and the only one in VB.

Tomorrow and Tuesday...assisting Pavel at an RKC cert at an undisclosed local here in VB. Should be fun.

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