Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We took the semi annual pft today. I can't say I'm surprised with the result. I'm not disappointed either. I firmly believe the purpose of the test is to MEASURE readiness and see where your program is taking you. It doesn't mean practicing those events as the sole basis of your training program although some practice isn't a bad idea. Distance running requires some distance running to develop efficiency.

Today's result tells me what I knew all along. Improve run, keep working the pull ups and hit the hang leg raises etc....DUH. I didn't realize exactly how poor my crunch performance would be today and was a little disappointed but then again, I couldn't stop laughing at myself during the event.

I can say with certainty that I won't be working on running in the near future. I'm actually in a completely different training cycle at the moment. Improvement in THIS test is not a goal at the moment. A goal is to do the test and recover quickly so that I can return to normalcy as quickly as possible and have as little pain as possible.

How will I change my program?

Simple, I plan to add 1 or 2 exercises that will improve EVERY area of strengh that I need to achieve my goals.
2. Hanging Leg Raise.

That's it! It really is that easy. No need for the latest 'Ken & Barbie exercises' or the new craze--the PX90. (No thanks).

Run - 24.50 (I wasn't last)
Pull up - 15
Crunch 85 (WTHO)

The score is a first class. Glad it is done, I can concentrate on other goals for a while.
Rx - add above exercises, work pull ups consistently, throw in some DOE man makers in the fall.
I am curious about how I will feel (back) the rest of the week.


Semperk said...

Hey Bob, I came here to ask about your kettleball program..then read that you took the pft and I agree with your opinions about what the test is for and does not reflect true fitness. Then I read the part about P90X as a latest craze or fad...8(

As I am currently on my 4th month of doing P90x and other programs from beachbody, I must give a more informed opinion of what it means to me and what truly happens to people and why it works.

First, you have to get past it being marketed by an infomercial. 8) the program works because it teaches you about moving your body and eating clean healthy foods and that it is a lifestyle change...not the get ripped in 90 days that folks see on the tv. In the Corps, I ate whatever and did the PFT's just like you and you tend to train to past the events instead of focusing on total health and fitness.

I would still like to learn more about what you are doing, but wanted to put a diff twist on your P90x analysis from someone who has benefited from beyond the "90 Days".

Bob O. said...

Ken- you are having success with the program. Stick with it. The best program is the one that YOU like and YOU will stick with over time.

Time is defined by several months or even years. Just set goals and get to work!

I am looking forward to seeing more transformation.

Good Luck my friend!