Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What up?

First, keep tuned for a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT.

You ask, what up wit you?

I've been training! Not too intense as I am riding a 300k this Saturday and I WILL finish. A combination of kettlebell training and riding is the Rx this week as always.

Do you know what rocks? Saturday I rode 200K and on Monday I was back on the bike for a short ride. No pain, no fatigue. Tuesday and today I did bike and pain, no fatigue.

Why does this rock? In the past years I had to really watch what I did the days following long rides. Too much intensity always led to increased time to recovery. Of course I didn't hit heavy front squats, pistols or lunges on Monday; that would be counter productive. I have built up some good endurance over the past few years in regard to both weight training and endurance events. It is the SAID principle in action.

TGU warm up then
20 min of 1/1TGU + 30 swing I started with 16k and moved up to 24k on 2nd set.
rest 3 hrs
Ride: 36sec on/36 sec off x 30 min.
Plank 5x30sec/30sec rest

Complex -- 5 reps - 1 min rest (shorter than a few weeks ago)
Swing, Snatch, clean and press, row
rest 4 hrs
Ride: 8x20/10

Note: I will move to complex w/24k as soon as I'm not doing 100+mile rides every weekend preferably a 3 week rest btw events. Just because I can recover doesn't mean I want to cross that line. Failure to recover means more REST.

Ride 16reps x 10/20 - spin out.
Plank - 5x30/30

Now I just have to figure out how to carb load without getting fat! I guess a dozen donuts is not the best idea. The past 2 weeks, I ate too much pasta and not enough other carbs like squash, beans and sweet potatoes. I've changed this trend starting tonight.

Salad - spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, avacado
Broccolli, salmon, sweet potatoes
Now I just need to find some donuts for desert! I'm kidding, I'll have some yogurt and maybe some carrots and hummus.

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