Sunday, April 26, 2009


I took last week easy with an impending 300k bike ride on the ticket for Saturday and I had some back pain kick up. It is not the chronic back pain but it is a new pain from tweaking something in the lat during the CFT. The pain remained as I have been hitting pull ups much. On Monday I decided to continue with the program and wamo -- tweaked again.

Saturday's ride had some good points and bad points.

Good: rode strong for the first 80 miles. Then the heat took its toll on me. I abandoned the trip after 200k. My 200k time wasn't actually too terrible but I chose to ride again another day.

My dog friends didn't eat me. My fight or flight reflex took over a couple times during the struggle. I could smell rage and boom 30 mph, look over my right shoulder and here comes a wolf. YIKES.

On the way out, I saw this large creature (dog) lunging at me from a yard. A 3/4" chain connected an old Camaro kept me alive. Everytime he lunged, the Camaro squeaked from the stress.

Bad: Temp--98F
I was having flashbacks of last May's ride. I don't have the desire to do that again. All of the signs were stacking up in the same manner. Queasy, didn't want to eat, very slow riding. heat exhaustion sneaking up on me.

Another day:
I am planning take 2 either next weekend or in 3 weeks. Saturday's weather forecast for Warrenton, VA (the start and finish) is 66H-49L with scattered showers. This is more conducive to riding especially on a bike named after a fish.

Last week training
Sat: ride: 127mi - 11h
F: off
Th: 5 x 32k swings
W: Ride 20x10 x 8
T: -- Pull ups - 11,10,8,7,7
M --Pull ups = 11, 10, 8,76, ride easy spin
S rest

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