Tuesday, March 24, 2009

practice update

It seems as though the weather is conspiring to keep me on the trainer. Bummer! Not a good thing either as my 'season' starts in a week and a half. Hopefully, I have done enough. I'm not worried about the first event. I will finish it (200k) no problem.

The concern is the longer distances especially completing the 400k and 600k. The good news is that the series is designed for the purpose of working up to these distances and longer. SWEET!

I'm considering attempting to add a low volume, heavy practice early in the am, I will do a couple days per week and see what happens. My goal is building strength during the season. I'm not concerned with hypertrophy. In fact, shedding some weight and improving strength (POWER) is more beneficial.

Z Drills – full body
Bretzel, ASLR
Complex Swing, snatch, clean and press, row

Ride trainer – 6x90/90
Pull up - 87654

Complex swing, snatch, clean and press row

CFT – practice –
Run – 880y
Run – 8x100y
Ammo can run 1x100y
(did a short fireman carry….bad idea back tweaked)

Sunday – Off (ill)

Saturday –
Complex – snatch, front squat, clean and press, row
Pull up – 2x10

Ride – 8x20/10 – standing

Friday –
Ride – 5x4/3

Ride – 30 fassssssst
Pull up 7x6

Wednesday –
Complex – swing, snatch clean&press, row
Pull up 6x6

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