Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Almost T-Day

Quick almost Turkey Day update. I know it's Thanksgiving and I have much to be thankful for. That's is another post.

Last week I ran our Combat Fitness Test or should I say survived. I had moderate improvements in the events. I am satisfied with the results although I can do much better with some specific training. It was most likely the last CFT I will have to take though. On to PFT training...

I managed to tweak my back on the left side. Probably from doing the fireman's carry with my neck and back twisted to the left. I knew it would hurt but...hey I had to save my casualty and couldn't stop to fix the position.

Additionally, I managed to injure my R knee. Not certain what I did. It could be a combo of things. Bike saddle dropping 1 inch during a ride? That will do it. Running in boots with no ankle flex? Yup, that too. Hyper extension performing a front kick? Yessiree, that one happened after the knee was already tender. I took some time off training ...REST...

Last night I hit the kettlebells again for a little shock.
Chain---->Clean, front squat, press, swing 2x16k 5 x 5
Chain2---->Clean, high swing, push press 5x5
DL ---> 2 x 20

This morning I did the commute in the drizzle. 2 hrs later:
Warm up then
Chain 2x24---->Clean, front squat, press, swing 5 x 3 -- ok hello..wake up time
Long Cycle Clean and Jerk - 2x16 --->3 x 2,4,6,8,10 - need to move up to 24ks on these.

Did weigh in today. Right where I need to be. Got some more weight to go to hit my goal but I did drop 10+ lbs in the past 3 weeks. cool eh?

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