Monday, November 2, 2009

No Shortcuts to the Top.

Call me a slacker. No posts last week. I've been training.

Last week I did several rides in Zone 4 & 5. Training in the low end of the zone is just as important as the high intensity training. To become effective at anything, you have to train in all idioms of that event. Fast, medium and slow speeds. Heavy weight, medium weight and lighter weight. In music, high notes, low notes; high volume, medium volume, and soft volume. Doing this provides stimulation across the whole spectrum.

No shortcuts to the top. -- Ed Viesturs

This is the biggest, most important lesson I've learned in the past few years. I knew it deep down but experimenting didn't pay off. Don't let the fitness mags and blogs fool you into thinking some shortcut way to do anything. You might get some training benefits but it just doesn't work. Joe Friel states, as you get closer to your priority events, you have to simulate those events.

Oh and if you would like a list of webs that propose shortcuts, I will provide.

I'm slightly concerned my weight, need to loose lbs before turkey day. Plan is to cut out most processed chow (grain, bread, pasta) and eat green carbs and fruit carbs. Also, I will kick up the training intensity a notch.
Today's training:
Clean and Press 24k 5 rung ladders x 5 sets - Survived.
Kettlebell Complex - (32k) 6 x 5 swing, snatch, front squat - rest 2 min.

ZNWU, various corrective movements
partial getups - 32k - 2x3, 24k 2x5, 16k 1x5

ride on trainer - 30 min. cadence - 100

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