Friday, November 13, 2009

Still Raining...and Still Training

It has rained more than a foot in the past 3 days. I almost hopped on the bike to go 5 blocks to the post office, then it started raining, again and the wind is still above 40 mph. thus today was a tale of two workouts. I had a little pain during my warm up and corrective drills in the right hammie or glute or both. So I finished the stuff and relaxed. Rest is good right?

This evening, I stared all over again. Z R Phas NWU then corrective drills. I guess I felt ok, then I started the workout. More of the same chins as Wednesday kicked up a notch.

32k swings x 50 + Goblet Squats

Uneven weights...16k & 24k 1 min btw sets and 2 between chains
clean+front squat+press+swing 5X3
Clean+front squat+push press + swing 5x3
rest 5 min
DL 2 x 20

clean and jerk ladders 1 set of 2...the hammie glute problem was bothering me too much to continue. Save it for next time.

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