Monday, December 28, 2009

Here we go...

I began the 2010 plan a while back. Last week I made an adjustment. I plan to alternate a few different strength training modalities for 2 week periods. I just finished up with several weeks of double kettlebell chains. I like them too much but I have a need to achieve some specific goals prior to next winter. So Enter the Kettlebell format will be used to reach this goal.


The following are in prep for a 2011 re-cert of RKC2...
  1. Clean and Press the bulldog (40k) 5x5 -- I can press...but need to work back up to it. Pressing it 1x is not enough.
  2. Pistol - 40k
  3. Heck, let's just round it out and throw in the Pull up with 40k as well.
  4. Snatch - work it back up. I haven't done the test since last spring...Oh, I'll pay for this.
That pretty much sums up the strength goals. I have a secondary set of goals because I will hit these well before the year is over. I also have a few other goals. Some of them aren't exactly conducive to strength...oh well let's go.

  • On the bike: SR series (200, 300, 400, 600k); and (-)5hr century.
  • I also have a couple ideas I'm tossing around for next fall on the bike and running but I'm not sold yet. I can't compromise prep for the re-cert.
  • Oh, I do have 1 last PFT to take. I haven't set a goal for it yet. I need to do some pre-season testing to determine a viable goal.
  • Need to drop some weight before spring. Weight in the #170s is the goal. Need to get primal.
Training today:
Znwu - r
Ride 2.5 hrs - big headwind on the way out this am...ouch.
Clean and Press - 2 rung ladders x 5 sets (28k) (light)

Pressing last session-3 rung ladders.

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