Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wed morning PT

It all started with a 0400 depart time on the bike. I like the early morning rides as it is peaceful and very little traffic. Ride distance: 15.

We started the PT session at 0630 in "boots and utes" with JM and quickly moved into the mulch bag drills.We used 40lb bags of mulch because the were there! ANY CLIMB AND PLACE!

First I demonstrated and taught all of the lifts we would do in the morning. With a little coaching, most everyone looked like they had adequate form to prevent injury.
I planned 5 rounds of the following but, I adjusted and let them get away with 3 rounds. I did the demo and 2 rounds.

clean and press x 5
front squat zercher x 5
lunge x 5 /5
bent row x 5
shoulder to shoulder press and squat
burpee + push up + snatch x 5


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