Friday, October 19, 2007

Bike Pool (Thurs

A bike pool is pretty much like a car pool; a group of people meeting at a specific destination and riding to work together. Yesterday, I met a co-worker Kieth at the Food Lion. I was running a couple minutes behind schedule because I had to go back up to my house to get a headlight. As a result, I had to push the pace for the 7 miles to meet Keith. He saw me coming and we just kept going. Pushing hard and trading pulls in a slight headwind. When we got to Little Creek, I looked at my total time and it was at 40:03. This is a quick time for this route. In fact, it is the 2nd fastest I have done. Keith turned to go on the base and I headed the other direction to get the car. My commute would be an even 20.

This is great, we plan to do this more often. The benefit to me? I get to work on speed during the week and I can save precious time on Saturday for the distance rides I need. Not to mention some comradarie!

Ride: 20

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