Monday, October 8, 2007

Friday ride

Ride 30 miles

Almost run over by a driver in a Saturn on a cell phone. My life didn't pass in front of my eyes but I did panic. Luckily, she saw me and stopped with feet to spare. I was going straight and she was turning left...oh I know, I need to go study road laws. Perhaps I didn't have the right away and should have yeilded to the turning vehicle.

How about this: Driver of Saturn, get off the freeking phone and pay attention to the road. I'm sure that attempting to turn 5 seconds later wouldn't make you late. It it did, you should have left for your destination earlier! Or perhaps YOU should go study the drivers rules and regulations better known as laws!

Another note:
This ride put me over the edge. On Friday evening I felt the effects of overtraining. As a result, Sat was a planned rest day and lots of JM!

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