Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Plan is Formed

Last night I mapped out my new and improved strength and conditioning plan. As I stated in an earlier post, it is simple and intense. I have a few goals with the new plan.

1. Loose weight. (fat)
2. Peak for upcoming physical fitness test.
3. Improve GPP and Strength in preparation for 2008.

Hopefully the plan's will accomplish these things without over training. As a precaution, I built in rest periods to this cycle. The plan includes 2, 4 week periods. I did modify the exercises from my initial plan. In the place of most of the MP, I substituted a clean and Jerk protocol (long cycle). I get bored doing swings every day and this should provide a nice change. Nothing replaces swings thought and don't worry they are still part of the plan. So exercises include snatch (VO2), jerk, front squat and pull ups. In addition, I will continue to ride bike (good transportation to work) and do the Z health R-Phase. There is probably something I am missing...good thing it is on my chart! (let me know if you are interested in the rest of the details)

Practice today; (it is not a workout)
GTG with Jerk, 32k 5x5/5 just working on form,

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