Friday, October 19, 2007

Write it -- Do it

Nothing new here. Just a "medium" day in the sun. It had to be upper 80s today and humid, not unlike May or Sept. Just practiced good form on all three exercises. Next week, I will begin adding volume in prep for a Dec physical fitness test.

Pull up - 5x5
front squat 2x24 + see-saw press 2x24: 5x5 (time management!)

Here's how I'm going to make this work. My current plan isn't working because I have failed to write down a plan. I do have one in my head. I am actually going to plan backwards from the date; all the way to this coming Monday.

HMMM, What to include in the plan....Of course pull ups, squats and presses; duh! Oh yea, snatches too. These 4 exercises will make the base of the plan along with bicycling as I will ride 2 brevets before the PFT. For the "abs," it will be the evil wheel and hanging leg raises. It is all looking familiar, doesn't it? The difference will be in the execution. By that I mean frequency and intensity and number of days per week. I also have to ensure there is a small taper as well as rest days after the brevets. Stay tuned, I will write more about the new plan soon.

Ready for the best news? On Tuesday I reenlist, for the last time! I plan on ordering the following kettlebells to complement what I currently have. 1x54, 1x72 and 2x88. All on the Marine Corps dime as they have decided to gimme a bonus. I have other plans for the cash as well but that is another story. Back to the kettlebells....perhaps this is unfortunate for me in a small way. More and heavier kettlebells = a new level of pain, not to mention a new level of strength and power.

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