Tuesday, October 16, 2007


That's what I'm calling it. Today practiced Kenneth Jay's Vo2 max protocol. I was working with this protocol for a few weeks back in July/August. I have written about it a few times in this blog. The last couple times I did it, I had no problem hitting 7 snatches per 15 sec. and that WAS today's plan.

The problem began in the first minute when I hit 7s with 4 - 5 seconds to spare. Remember, there is a reason I wanted to ease into this protocol this week. I also remember KJ writing that the benefit comes from 8s and working to 50 total. So I kicked it in and went for the 8s. I stopped at 20min. with 40 total. (The smartest thing I did all day.) I was having difficulty with proper form for the last 3 min.

Pleased with the workout. I'm still feeling the aftermath! My hands are trashed, I will have to use hand care methods as preventative medicine. Will repeat on Thurs or Fri.

Ride: 15 miles. Feel Saturday's ride.
Pullup: 5x5
VO2 Max Snatch - 16K 20l/20r x 8

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