Thursday, October 4, 2007

Do it because it sucks!

Here is part of an interview with David Goggins after an Ultra Triathalon. These are inspiring words and fit the blog's purpose nicely:

Curious as to how the implacable warrior had dealt with the long miles in triathlon's three disciplines, a tri journo asked again what his most painful moments had been. Goggins smiled and the proud Navy SEAL code came out in his answer. "I told you on day one, if it hurt, I'd never tell you," said Goggins. When asked how he had liked his first triathlon, Goggins reiterated more of his core philosophy: "I don't enjoy swimming. I don't enjoy biking. And I do not like running. I did Ultraman because it sucks. That's why I do it. If I liked it, I wouldn't do it. That is what makes us the human beings that we are. If you sat around and watched TV and watched people climb Mt. Everest - don't watch! Do it yourself."

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