Monday, October 29, 2007

The PLAN - Day 1 - Workout A

Today is the first day of the new plan. I wrote it so I did it. It was tough getting off the couch. You can see from the video how 'easy' it is to do this workout. Try it. Notice, the sweater; it only lasted the first minute of the workout before it was lost. Also, on this first set, I finished just before the bell; I finished with more than 5 seconds remaining in the interval for the majority of them.

Notice I labeled this workout A. I am alternating 2 or 3 different workouts.

Workout A Day 1
Pull up: BW 5x5
Snatch VO2: 16K 20/20x7 (280 total reps)
Pull up BW: 5x5 + wheel 3x5

The snatches felt good and I was tempted to go for 50 sets. Decided to follow the plan.

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