Friday, October 26, 2007

Snatch Thought

Thursday night, I had the opportunity to work with a LEO from central VA. He was in the area for some training and wanted to take the opportunity to have someone look at his form. I must say, overall, he was right on the money with most of the kettlebell exercises. Good hip snap. We refined a few small techniques that in the long run change the feel of exercise. The result is PAIN in the correct areas such as hammies and hips, not bad areas like the lower back.

One key point in the kettlebell snatch really changes the feel of the movement. When in the top position, just before you lower the kettlebell, stay on your heels. Push your hips and butt back. It will be difficult timing at first. The hip movement takes place for a split second, then lower the kettlebell. This technique will help keep the kettlebell close to your body not to mention reduce stress on the lumbar area of the back.

Try it!

Did a few sets of everything.
Swing: 2x20
Press: 2x5
Front Squat: 2x3
TGU: 2l,2r
Snatch: 2 or 3 sets of 10
Renegade rows, 2x5
Renegade lunge 1x5
sling shot
figure 8s
figure 8 with hold

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