Monday, October 15, 2007

Kerr Lake 200K - October

Saturday I rode the Kerr Lake 200K permanent. This time I had company as 8 other randonneurs decided to make a day of it. I must say the weather was nearly perfect except for the frigid am temps. Actually I should have brought along 3 different articles of clothing. 1. Hat that covers ears. 2. Gloves that cover the fingers. 3. Wind vest. These items would have made the first 10 miles or so much more enjoyable; as it was, it only took a couple hills to fix any cold feelings.

Overall, the ride was a great time. The company was especially great. We even stopped in Boydton VA for lunch. I had a cheese burger, fries and a Coke. It all was especially good after 65 miles or so. Let me relate the taste of the burger and fries to you with a few key words: BOWLING ALLEY STRIKE BURGER COMBO! On the positive side, I had very little negative side effects from the meal.

Distance: 129 mi.
Ride Time: 8:55
Total time: 10:30

Note: Not too bad. Still 30 quicker than the last loop ride but 30 slower than my last 200k. I guess it is to be expected with the low training volume and intensity of late. The result is obviously lower vo2 max. I was in the red zone often and always by accident. I have to fix this problem.

Lessons learned:
1. Eat....during the ride. Use a timer. I haven't done this since I replaced my bike computer.
2. Ride more....Do at least a 100K the weekend prior to the next long ride.
3. Follow training that works.

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