Tuesday, October 30, 2007

the barons of Vélocio

He builds bikes for “the princes of the challenges and the lords of ‘Flèches,’ the barons of Vélocio.” Read more at COHO THOUGHTS.

I was reading a blog by frame builder Charles Lathe who's bicycles are designed for randonneuring. Chuck is going to build my new steed and the fact that he uses the sentence in the first line of his post is inspiring.

Maybe I am a prince of challenge - I love challenge even when I want to quit. There is little that compares to overcoming your own mind. Completing what your mind tells you is impossible.

lords of ‘Flèches,’ - I haven't completed a fleche yet. I plan on riding one in spring 2008. The fleche is a minimum of 380k. If things go as planned, I will do so on my new Coho bicycle.

Baron of Velocio - this is just a cool title. My imagination is going wild. Thinking about the aces of WWI in dog fights over Belleau Wood where the Marines earned 3 Croix de Guerre from the French for their Heroism...or... imagine riding my bicycle with some bread to my castle or chateau in the alps.

Chuck has some good writing on his blog and his bicycles are beautiful. Check them out!

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