Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 1 Workout B

For those that are unfamiliar with marksmanship, this is the DOG target. Notice the similarity to a human silhouette. How do I know this? Because every Marine is a Rifleman.

Workout B is just as much FUN as yesterday's! Although it was a very quick, it is very effective. I'm feelin' it! I think I shall call workout B - ONE SHOT ONE KILL. We should think about workouts like that. Get it out of the way with intensity. Forget all that low intensity 'cardio' garbage.

Contrary to what many in the mainstream fitness industry and those whose only knowledge is limited to these teachings, this is a far better way to go. Why in the world would you want to spend hours doing physical training and why would you do this with no results? Oh, yea there is a supplement or diet plan that will fix everything for you. Right? WRONG-O!

One Shot One Kill is simply training for kettlebell sport. The long cycle clean and jerk is one of three events in the sport. A girevek (kettlebell man) will do this event for 10 minutes without setting the kettlebell down. Rest may be done in the rack position. Russian kettlebell sport is a not for those that are weak minded or feeble. The events are brutal both physically and mentally. I guess that is why I fear the sport and like it all the same.

Workout B:
Long Cycle Clean and Jerk: 32K 3 min. alt hands every 5 reps - 20 reps. (don't set KB down)
Pull up 16K: 5x3

I completed the 3 minutes. It was difficult. Tried to keep pacing at 7.5 reps per minute but went a little quicker. Need to work on the rest position (rack position). I didn't feel like it was much of a rest. Today actually called for 24K but I let EGO get in the way. Like I said, one shot...

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