Saturday, January 23, 2010


Yesterday was another like Thursday. Accumulated fatigue left no desire to work out. This time I was the antagonist providing the peer pressure. Oh, and the workout etc. We did some chain progressions leading up to double kettlebell snatches. Little did I know how this would leave us feeling later.

Workout completed. Got home, ate, sat on the couch and I was out until 0200 when I crawled into bed. I slept more than 13 hours. Not sure if this was due to the workout or a combination of an entire week of fatigue. Wow. I decided to rest for the day. I'll pick up the pace again tomorrow.

The What:
Swings: 24k - about 100 1 arm, 2 arm etc.
bottoms up long push press - 1x5
2x swing, clean, squat press
2x clean, high pull, push press
1xsnatch x 5
16k Double snatch 3x5

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