Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Feeling better today but felt the need to ease back into the swing of things. The last thing I wanted to do this AM was hop the the bike for an hour ride in freezing temperatures. Result is FAIL. I did manage to begin fixing disfunction with a Z session this AM. It certainly helped put a zip in my step for most of the day.

Z full body R Phase.

Swings -- 16k - 1 Set of 300.
For the most part my form was great. I could feel each rep when I was slipping out of the groove and quickly corrected. I am working up to some high reps over the coming months. The key is quality. When quality suffers, I'll stop and hit them another day. 300 was a good starting place and the weight was good for now. Grip was good probably had another 60 reps in grip. Posterior chain endurance is the limiter right now. Heck those are 2 of the main benefits of this exercise. This will also help get me ready for some snatching. I've been neglecting this for too long. I'll wait a little longer until, until swing goal is met.

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