Friday, October 3, 2008

D1 VO2max Boost

I'm trying something new that I learned at the RKCII. It is the VO2 max boost protocol by Kenneth Jay. The protocol was used to help train some of his olympic athletes. If it is good enough for them, well, you get the picture.

At the certification, we actually did day 1. I put it in the tool box for a later date and it is later. The protocol calls for either snatch or Viking push press. My hands are a little beat up and tired so I chose to do the VPP today. I will probably alternate the two exercises.

I didn't exactly know what to expect today but I did do the VO2 max protocol yesterday and I can say that day 1 of the boost is waaaaay easier than the actual the original VO2 max protocol. I will not let it fool me. I'm pretty sure there is a reason there is 2-3 min rests. Not to mention the protocol gets progressively harder...really quick! Oh yea, KJ also mentions the protocol can only be done about 3 times per year as it is very difficult; physically and mentally demanding.

I probably should have started the protocol last week or on Monday so I could finish before my PFT. As it is right now, I will probably finish after the PFT but that is ok I'm not training for that event. It is just another day in the training life.

What am I training for?
I am defining what my real goals are at the moment.

I am training for some super GPP. The ability to leap small buildings in a single bound. To be faster than a rolling O. The ability to play with my daughter! To be resilient. Fix my body composition; must have 'shredded muscle fibre and freakish vascularity,' or wiry Pavel strength. It's all good.

Z - assigned exercises
swings - 100
Windmill: 16K 5/5
Goblet Squat: 24k 5x5
VO2MBP - Day 1
Viking push press: 24K 6 reps/14 reps -

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