Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sparks part II

In a post in January, I asked the question, What makes you tick?; What is your spark?

I'm back to that question again. This morning, I was reminded that some people will never achieve their goals and dreams because they aren't willing to put forth an effort. It is just a flash bang. In other words they hit something hard for a few weeks or a month then....QUIT.

There are too many people sayin', 'Some day I'm gonna..[fill in the blank]..'

This drives me up the wall. It inspires me to come up with a goal and achieve it. It drove me to join the Marine Corps more than 18 years ago. I couldn't stand sitting on the prairie listening to all of the people talk about doing this and that. Many of those people are still sitting on the prairie. Some of them with regret because they probably been doing the exact same thing for the past 18 years. It drove me to finish my bachelors degree, begin graduate school and to become a trainer.

At work, I offer some good training advice to people on a daily basis. Some take it for a day. Most often, I get a big smile (*$%# eatn' grin). They are basically telling me where to go. My patients is gone and the free well of advice and free training has dried up! Why?

Frankly, it is a waste of my time and energy! You can only help people that are willing to receive help. Now I understand sales. If you hear no enough, pretty soon someone is going to really ruin your day and say yes. But this ain't about sales, it is about helping someone that needs help and won't accept.

Self improvement is difficult.
Training is difficult.
My friends, look around, life is difficult.

What you need to do is grab it by the horns and take control.

It is 8 weeks until Thanksgiving. Set a goal. Work towards it. It is that simple. It doesn't have to be a difficult goal. Set a goal to walk around the block every day for the next 8 weeks. Heck you will have walked about 12 miles in that time! This is more than many do on a daily basis. Just pick something and do it.

Get off the Couch!

Here are my goals:
Well, I've decided that I will actually do the Secret Service Snatch Test (SSST) during the Thanksgiving weekend. Why haven't I done it yet? Good question. I just haven't felt the need to try, it is that simple. Since I haven't done this test before, I will shoot for 200 even. I actually suspect that I will do 220+ snatches in the 10 min time limit.

The stipulations of the test are outlined in Pavel's Enter the Kettlebell. There is a link on the sidebar. Last week, Pavel mentioned, the act of preparing for this test will result in improved strength, stamina and weightloss. ---- Yes, it is that easy!

A few weeks ago I cleaned up my diet. No garbage. The result 10 lbs; I've lost 15 since mid-Aug. The plan is to continue to keep it clean and see what happens. I have a few numbers in my mind that I would roughly like to see but that isn't the point of the goal. CLEAN DIET that's all.

That sucks because I really like cake, ice cream, donuts, brownies and cookies!

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