Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Regardless of the good intentions and goals you may have, sometimes it takes a little spark to ignite the kindling and really get things going. You know exactly who you are. You want to drop 10 - 15 lbs., run a 5k, or even a marathon. Perhaps you want to learn to play an instrument like the guitar. Maybe your goal is as simple as getting up to watch the sun rise every morning.

I have some goals too. This year I would like to complete a randonneur series of 200k, 300k, 400k and 600k and become a Super Randonneur. This will lead to other goals. I would like to press the BullDog for reps. I would like to do Pistols with the Bull Dog. I haven't set a time limit for these two goals yet but the next 2 years sounds good. I'm working towards doing 20 pull ups (been stuck on 17 for more than a year). Before I can accomplish most of these goals, I have to work on just moving my body correctly. There are others but I'm not sharing!

I'm not entirely certain but I believe everyone says, "SOME DAY I'M GONNA...(fill in your goal here)." Does the shoe fit?

Heck, I'm human too. Sometimes I get distracted by the couch. I like to sit on it, eat ice cream and watch the tube. I have to be working towards something all the time. Last year I set some lofty goals and I achieved some. Others? Well, I failed but I made progress and I still work towards them. I realized that the time frame for some of my goals should be more flexible because things do happen in life. Oh, I think this is called perseverance.

Wynton Marsalis playing Sparks

About the required spark? Well, the spark can come from anywhere and at any time. Today, my spark came during lunch. I looked out the window at the pull up bars. There was someone out there doing my thing. He was lifting kettlebells and doing pull ups. HMMM, I should be out there with him. Working towards my goals.

Tonight I picked up some kettlebells and got to work. Time to make some money!
pull up 5x5, 2x10
Swing: 32K - 1x10l,10r, 1x30
Clean and Press: 32K - 5x5
Front Squat 24K: 5x5
Bear push ups: 2x10

Notes: Press - I don't remember doing this. Perhaps a PR! It would be really weird because I haven't really worked on this in months. I will attribute it to the bear push ups I've been working on this year.

What is your spark?
What makes you tick?
Just go do it and quit talking and dreaming!

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