Sunday, January 27, 2008

Back on the Chuckwagon

It's time to get back on the chuckwagon. In other words, it is time to drop the winter weight. I've allegedly followed my diet plan half a$$ed during the past 3 weeks. This coupled with minimal training may have resulted in allegedly adding a couple extra pounds to my frame.

I'm not talking about the new randonneuse either. Added weight to me + heavier bike = lower avg speed. I need to be lighter me(stronger me) + heavier bike = power and higer avg. speed.

My nutrition plan says cheat only 10% of the time. It doesn't call for that really, it just assumes that it will happen. It is probably a good assumption. The key is to limit sugar and starch consumption. Note, I didn't say remove!

This morning, I made a menu for every day of the coming week and drafted the grocery list. At some point tonight I have to chop veggies and prep some entrees and snacks. The most important part of keeping on the plan without cheating is preparation. If everything is ready before the week begins, it is easy to grab a few crack bags (zip lock) of chow and go. FAST FOOD!

Tomorrow, I will grab the crack baggies of chow and eat every 3 hours of so. Come and Git It!

Stay tuned for some food specifics in another post.

swing 32K 2x50, 24K 10/10x3
Double front squat: 2x24k: 5x5 - (fast - 30 sec rest)

5 sets of:
Bear push ups x 10, pull up x 5, evil wheel x 5

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