Sunday, January 6, 2008

Her maiden voyage: "sea trials"

This afternoon I took advantage of the temps in the 60s and took the new Randonneuse on her maiden voyage. UMMM, Chuck, I hope you broke a bottle over the fresh powder coat before I picked her up! Actually, today and the next 3 or 4 rides are sea trials. Before a new vessel is certified mission ready, the Navy conducts extensive tests on all ship systems as well as crew readiness. Today's ride serves as day 1 of sea trials as I get the bike all dialed in prior to her first brevet.

It is a good thing too, I had a couple bolts come loose. No worries, I brought some wrenches just for that purpose. Some quick adjusting and back to peddling.

The Randonneuse is a pleasure to ride. It takes little effort to cruise along at a comfortable pace even in the wind. I had to find some hills. In Virginia Beach is FLAT but, there are bridges over the inlets. I took the Randonneuse back and forth over a couple bridges...I mean hills. She seems to glide up and down the hills easily.

Hills in VB look like this.

I keep saying easy. This bike is very easy to ride compared to my Motobeceane. The MB was like dragging a chunk of metal everywhere; a constant fight. The Randonneuse feels completely opposite. I always thought there was something 'wrong' with the MB and now it is confirmed.

Next, I headed for the ocean front and home after a couple of shots.

Beach Cruiser????

This photo sums it all up!

Ride: 19 miles

Z - hips, knees
Pull up - 5x10
Evil Wheel - 5x5
Iranian Push ups - 5x5

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Mike Dayton said...

Bob, nice pix! Keep us posted on the "C" trials.