Saturday, January 5, 2008

My new ride: COHO Randonneuse

Today we zipped out to pick up my new COHO Randonneuse built by Chuck Lathe.
It is comfy and looks very cool. I can't wait to sit on it for about 10 hours. That's my plan to do exactly that next weekend riding the Mason-Dixon 200K beginning in Bethesda, MD.

The Randonneuse was built with:
  • Brooks saddle
  • Nitto bars, stems, seat post
  • Paul Racer brakes
  • Honjo Fenders
  • Berthoud bag,
  • (2) E6 lamps yes, two and Chuck says they are bright! I hate not being able to see at night. Especially when medium size animals are thinking about jumping in front of you.
  • Schmidt Dynohub from Peter White,
  • Synergy rims
  • Tires: Grand Bios 700x30
  • Ultegra rear hub/drive train with 9speed cassette
Thanks Chuck!

The photo shows my Ultegra SPDr pedals but I plan to use SPD pedals soon.

More photos to follow along with a review of The Ride.

Yesterday's practice:
Z 20min
Iranian Push ups

I'm starting to feel pretty good and loose. I am a little sore from the RIS esp. in the hip flexors. The trade off is my back didn't bother me today.


Mike Dayton said...

Bob, very sharp! Can't wait to see it in person.


Jerry Phelps said...

Gorgeous--I've been very impressed with Chucks "Red Randonneuse."

I hope you have many, many miles of good adventures on this bike.


Bob O. said...

Thanks guys. I am enjoying it so far.