Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Knight Rider--on the bike

There is a new Night Rider TV show soon to be released. The preview looks cool. This show will be another in a long line of shows that are being remade. Others include: Battlestar Galactica, Bionic Woman, Land of the Lost, and Kung Fu. Not to mention several older shows made into movies.

While this isn't the most creative thing, it certainly is innovative to bring story lines that worked and modernizing them. Perhaps they can get Jan Michael Vincent out of retirement for another Air Wolf!

Really I want to talk about my NIGHT RIDING:
I was up at 0330 so I could ride to work and supervise physical training. This early morning provided the perfect opportunity to play with the randonneuse's lighting. I used 1 lamp until I rounded to the area of Shore Drive that separates Fort Story and First Landing State Park.

This is a nice dark road providing significant tree cover. During the daytime, it is a beautiful area smack-dab in the urban sprawl. The urban sprawl is stopped only by the Norfolk in the west, the Atlantic Ocean in the east, the Chesapeake Bay in the north and we can't forget the south and the North Carolina border. This is a large city.

I reached down and turned the bezel to the secondary Schmidt E6 lamp. This is a cool thing. It is like hitting the brights on an automobile. The light blazed forward and light the entire lane I was occupying. The peripheral coverage provided by both lamps lighted, lit trees not unlike a tunnel.

This is the highlight of this morning's commute. I have some adjustments to make to the rear derailleur. There was a very steady head wind this morning. At points, I had problems maintaining even 10mph. I required some middle gearing and the randonneuse denied me!

Ride: 17 Miles
Pull up - 10x5
hanging leg raise - 10x5
windshield wipers - 2x5
Iranian Push up - 5x5

Tuesday's ride: 32 miles

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