Sunday, October 26, 2008

More ETK

Yesterday I hit some ETK for a light day. It was good to just practice presses with perfect form. I was able to concentrate on tension without worrying about fatigue and the potential for poor form. I will need the perfect form later when the intensity increases. As Master RKC Rif says, "It's all easy til it's heavy."

Today is the variety day and I needed some time on the bike. I didn't really want to spend the entire day out on the road. I've done that for the past 2 weekends and will do again next weekend. Besides, I bought a new Cylo Ops fluid trainer this afternoon.

I warmed up with swings and windmills then hopped on the bike for a Tabata interval session. Four minutes later, I felt worse than riding for 10 hrs! LOL

Rifga x 5 min.
Swing: 24K 1x100
Windmill: #10 ball x 5/5, 16k x 5x5
Bike: Tabata intervals -- 20 on/10 off x 8 reps.
Cool down 5 min
Fast and loose drills x 5 min. (really needed this after the intervals)

Tonight - Stretching concentrating on legs and shoulders. I'm still having some issues with tightness from the run 1.5 week ago.

Swing: 50
C/P 5 x 1,2 ladders

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