Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1st Class == Update

Tonight we had the first class. Although the turn out was low, neither I or the attendees were discouraged. This meant more 1 on 1 instruction. We started out with joint mobility, worked on wall squats, box squats, swings and then on to the Turkish Get Up.

The swings are looking awesome! The swings we built and tweaked look better than many people that show up for the RKC cert. Of course with a little tweaking, they look perfect! What I'm telling you is this -- -- -- QUIT WASTING YOUR TIME WITH THE VIDEOS AND KETTLEBELL INSTRUCTOR WANNA BEES. The problem is you are learning technique that is substandard, it is weak or just wrong. You may be missing key cues that make an exercise effective or make an exercise safe. You should NOT feel any pain - ANYWHERE - using kettlebells. Your back should not hurt; your knees should not bow; wrists should NOT be black and blue.

Seek a currently certified RKC Instructor (like me)! It will be well worth your time and money.

Practice Today:
Clean and Press - 24k 5 x 123 ladders.
Snatch 24k on the minute - 3 x 10/10, 2 x 5/5 - 80 total. This was more difficult than I thought it would be. Hitting 100 in 5 is easily in my grasp. This is also the first time I've snatched with the 24k bell since September.

Pull up - 1x14
Turkish Get ups

Pull up x 12 (boots and utes)
6x6 Sand Bag protocol x 15 min

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