Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Boost Protocol - D6

On to Day 6!

Ok, I figured this would get more difficult and it did today. Not sure if it was a fitness thing or a lack of movement on the left side. I performed the boost with snatches today. I felt really weak on the left for the entire session.

Here is what I think happened, I was pressed for time and needed to get this workout in before I left work. So I set up my timer and just jumped right in with both feet. Notice, I didn't do anything for a warm up. I did do my morning ZNWU and JM. That was several hours before the workout.

Lesson learned:
Warm up, Get plum and aligned with the RIFGA, JM and Z!

The lack of mobility in the left made the workout difficult on that side. The right side was cake. Amazingly, I didn't feel winded or fatigued during the protocol again. I do feel it now. The protocol has a cumulative affect on the CNS. The long breaks between sets make it deceptively easy. The fatigue is a later time.

To Kenneth Jay ... this is 'EVIL.' Thanks I'm digging it!

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Sandy Sommer said...

Where can I find this protocol schedule? Thanks!