Monday, September 29, 2008

Wounded Warrior Unity Tour

See my Tidewater Randonneur blog for the Wounded Warrior Unity Tour report.

The trip took me from Ft Eustis Va (near Yorktown) to Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington DC.

Total Ride: 220~ Miles
Day 1 Ride time: 6hrs
Day 1 Avg Speed: 18.2
Day 2 total time: 9hrs (it was stop and go, esp in DC traffic)
Day 2 Avg Speed: 15.5

Lessons Learned:
I went into this ride with 1.5 weeks off the bike. I felt fresh for most of the first day but a few more miles prior to the ride would have made day 1 a little better.

On day 1 I had some stomach pain and leg cramps. Not exactly sure why.

My nutrition plan worked perfect. I tried a new on the bike fuel and I really like it. I will post more about the nutrition later.

I didn't 'carb load' so to say. I tried to keep the calories from carbs at a normal level and increased my fat intake. This was good as I didn't gain several pounds prior to the ride.

***On day 2 I began feeling a little patela tendonitis in the R knee. This happened only when pushing bigger gears up large hills. Probably overuse related. I plan to rest for a few days before I attempt to ride.

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