Monday, September 22, 2008


This weekend , I participated as an assistant instructor at the RKC certification. It was a great honor to be asked to represent myself, the Marine Corps and my strength coach...Pavel. The first correspondence I received from the party stated I would work for (now) Senior RKC Doug Nepodal but plans changed.

I did not control the destiny as the most 'hated' RKC assistant ever. HAHA.

The biggest and most honorable change to the training schedule included me as Pavel's assistant. This meant I would the equivalent to the RKC Company Gunny. What? Did you say? Yes, in a nutshell, I was the Co Gunny for an RKC Cert. That is how I see it! Here's how.

My responsibilities included assisting any manner Pavel thought necessary to include keeping the training schedule on track, assisting all of the instruction teams as needed as a roving instructor, assisting some VERY weak students (that didn't pass), ensuring all the responsibilities/duties of the other assistant instructors were complete and organizing all of the 'victims' into teams for the RKC candidates instructional period. Last, I set my Gym Boss for 10 minutes. Every time it beeped, I would tell the instructor or announce that it was time for swings. Pavel would announce 'because Bob said,' or 'give Bob 30.'

With huge smiles, many of the candidates stated they wanted to choke me every single time they heard the Gym Boss beep! Folks, let me say everything is done for a reason. The candidates swings were terrible until Saturday afternoon. The thousands of repetitions worked wonders. While they hated me, they also thanked me. Everything is done for a reason.

I did manage to get some small workouts in during the weekend.
Thursday - Snatch test and lifting hundreds of kettlebells in a farmers walk.
Friday - demonstration of all the RKC core lifts, swing, squat, clean and press, TGU and snatch.
Saturday - 20 min VO2 max protocol with 20k sets of 8 (I need one of these!)
Sunday - Z Health 1 hr session with Mike Nelson.


fawn said...

It was a pleasure meeting you this last weekend. I love your story about the gym boss and swings. LOL!

Mike T Nelson said...

great to see you again while you were here and thanks for doing the Z Health session again! Keep me updated on how it is going!
Rock on!
Mike N