Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I just read a fantastic blog post by Steve Maxwell. I worked with Steve at my RKC certification. He is an excellent example of fitness!

The post is titled 10 Ways to De-sissify Your Kid. The 10 ways seem logical to me but I can see where so many parents go wrong. Read this article and get rid of the video games.

My daughter and I do several fun exercises regularly. We crab walk, bear crawl and skip around. We do summersaults.

When we go for walks, there are retaining walls 8in wide. We always stop and do a 'balance beam' routine with jumping, balancing, piroettes and some ballet stuff.

When I fix my bike, she is there to assist. When I get ready for a ride, she grabs her helmet and rides her trike around the house.

If I play with kettlebells in the house, she will grab the smallest one (4k) and walk around; she always tries to pick up the big ones but the result is a grunt.

We race to check the mail every day.

Everything is a game and it is fun!

Ride 20 - 6 x 45 sec + 2:00 rest

Snatch 24k: 1x10/10, 1 x 20/20, 2 x 15/15, 2 x 10/10
Swing 32K: 5x25

Ride 15 (tempo first 8 miles)

Clean and press 5x1,2 (no rest between sets)
Swing 24k 5x10/10

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