Monday, September 8, 2008

Practice on a Monday

This morning I received the current RKC manual. This is a great resource but you have to be an RKC to get one. During lunch, I began reading the materials. The RKC certification keeps evolving. The innovations of my fellow instructors make teaching all of the basics easier. This incarnation of the manual is no exception and this manual is SUPERIOR to the RKC level I manual from 2 years ago even though it is basically the same thing.

I would love to tell you that there is some miracle exercise for gaining strength and loosing fat. Something new and 'shiny.' There is nothing NEW. What will work is a quality diet and hard work. The kettlebell swing would be a great place to start. This exercise is the basis of all RKC drills.

Benefits include:
  • Back endurance
  • Abdominal endurance
  • Hip flexor flexibility
  • Glute recruitment
  • Grip Strength/endurance
  • Core endurance
  • Hip Power
  • Fat Loss
Folks, this is a full body exercise that can be tailored to everyone from elite athletes to grandmothers. I have read about NFL teams using them and I have read articles about 70 year old grandmothers from Tennessee. If it is good enough for them, what are you waiting for?

Ride 15 miles (tabata) My legs were jello at interval 7, I could barely stand on the pedals!

Swing 2 x 20
Turkish Get Up -(16k) 1 x 5l/5r working on form
Clean and Press 24k 5 x 123
Swing (1arm) 24k 5 x 10/10

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