Monday, September 29, 2008


I just ran across an this amusing and I feel important blog post on Modern Forager called Eight Ways to Lower Your Testosterone Levels. The article (blog) shows steps to really strip yourself all testosterone.

If your goals are good health you should read.


Dan said...

Okay Comrade,

Maybe I missed something, but I don't think getting rid of the testosterone is a good thing - except for women.

Scott Kustes said...

That's where the humor in my post comes in. Getting rid of testosterone is most certainly not a good idea. What I was illustrating is all of the myriad ways that people unwittingly destroy their health and screw up their hormones, all while thinking they are doing healthy things like eating soy and avoiding meat.

Scott Kustes
Modern Forager

Bob O. said...

Dan, read it again. You missed the sarcasm. Most of America is testosterone deficient. We live in a societ where estrogen is dominant in men and women. Scott provides some good points. Keeping T levels high is healthy. Low T is bad and leads to many many chronic diseases and depression.

Scott -- thanks for chiming in. Great blog post!