Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A little test

I was thinking about riding the Surry Century as a training ride for the Wounded Warrior ride from Ft Eusits VA to Walter Reed Army Hospital at the end of September. It will be the last opportunity for a long ride before back to back centurys. Next weekend I'll be in St Paul assisting at the RKC and won't have a bicycle.

Sounds like a good reason to have a Bike Friday, eh?

I decided that if I could hit my RKC snatch test numbers today then I will allow myself to ride the 100 miles on Saturday. Not sure this is a good bargin or not...sounds like punishment. Doesn't it?

I turned on a fan in my office. Hit the Z Neural Warm up and some swings. All systems go!
Snatch with the left arm 35, two more than I need.

Switch to the right. A few reps. Rest at the top for the first ten reps. Need to relax, lower the heart rate. Continue rep after rep. Focus on hip drive. Man it is hot in here! Focus. Somewhere around 27 or 28 I started noticing some black spots on the wall in f ront of me. Not good. Breath, you only have a few more reps. 29, 30, more black, breath. Finished with 34 on the right and set the kettlebell down. Total reps: 69 only need 64 Good to Go.

I have to tell you, there is a reason that the kettlebell snatch is the 'Czar of Kettlebell Exercises!' They are HARD! I guess if they were easy then everyone would be doing them and I wouldn't.

I walked around and shook it out for a minute. Because 1 set of snatches isn't manly enough for me even with seing black spots on the wall, I decided to do some swings. 200 swing did the trick.

Are you still following long, I'm still doing a party approved program following the Enter the Kettlebell protocol.

Ride: 20 - stupid fast tempo with the 'racers'

Swing 16k 1 x 50
Snatch 24k 35l, 34r = test style, 1 hand exchange, do not set the kettlebell down.
Swing 1 x 50, 1 x 20,20, 1 x 50, 3 x 10,10 - 200 total

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