Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Surry Century

You can read about the Surry Century at the Tidewater Randonneur.

Here are some facts not included in the other blog.

I rode hard and had fun until it wasn't fun. It seems I made some mistakes that I should have learned from earlier in the year. I actually had a great day until about mile 60. That's when things went south fast. I bonked and couldn't get out of it. Once again, I'm sure it was related to the heat. it was HOT and steamy.

Perhaps I should laminate these lessons into a check list:
Wear Sun Screen
Eat all your food
Drink all your drink
Ride your own ride.

The last one is simple. I rarely have a problem riding my ride. For some reason, I felt strong during the first 45 miles and went hard. In hind sight, it was a mistake. It's debatable had I followed the lessons above, things may have been different.

My mindset from the start was to have fun and get in some hard riding prior to the ride at the end of the month. I believe I accomplished this!

This will be a short training week for me but I will get in some riding on Mon - Wed and some kettlebell stuff on Mon and Tuesday. Thursday will be a test of my skills at the RKC and unloading all 3000 lbs of kettlebells from a truck.

While at the RKC, I plan to get in some swing and snatch (VO2) workouts.

Ride: 75

'cindy' (doing this the day before a long ride is not wise)

Swing - 200


Loco-motivation said...

I remember seeing your group saturday when I finished. How did you all do on the century? I was there solo I was the one in the "Twinkie the kid" jersey. I myself pulled the century in 5 hr 34min 34sec.

Bob O. said...

loco - great ride time.

I didn't ride the whole century. I stopped at 75 and the ride time for 75 was last 25 miles took 2 hrs.

Not the best day in the saddle but the first 50 was great fun!