Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday's Tumoltuous Tantilizing Tidbit

I can't claim the titles for this week's blogs. One of my HS history teachers used these daily to give us a little useless trivia. Burt Elliot is still teaching and is also a SD State Legislator. Thanks for the titles Mr. Elliot! So here is what Burt used as his daily titles: Monday Morning (Midday) Morality Message, Tuesday - see today's title, Wednesday's Wassailing W???, Thursday- it will come to me, Friday's Frolicking Facts.

Pullups 24K: 5x3 + handstands/Bw 3x5, 1 set in L
Clean and Press 32K: 5x3

Ride AM: 15 miles. Fast pace. I hung with the Contes riders for a few miles, they were too fast for me today. I am slightly de-conditioned. I could easy do a PR for this route. This AM was only about 2 min from a PR. It is pretty easy to make up 2 min.
Ride PM: 15 mi. felt better this afternoon. Knee is bothering me but no pain.

Need to do more intensity on the bike. Repeats, intervals, Sprints, Hills....Fun is on the way.

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